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Class Descriptions

General Public Class (regular)

2 hours: $25    Please bring a yoga mat!

Experience the effect of The SoulMat. Focus on breathing, posture, muscular release, nervous system response, mind-body awareness.

This session usually sparks discussion regarding back pain, headaches, stomach pain, and routines for different times of the day.

Session Format:

  • Meet & Greet
  • Introduction to the tool and method
  • Self-assessment before using The SoulMat
  • Experience on The SoulMat – breath, conscious connection of mind with body
  • Self-assessment after using The SoulMat
  • Question & Answer

Deepening The Experience

half day: $60

A deeper investigation of the effects The SoulMat can have on alignment, mood, and additional methods to work with the body.

Healthcare and Wellness Practitioners Class

2 hours: $25

Similar to the general public class but geared towards students with a sound knowledge of basic bodywork and breathing modalities. Basic anatomy knowledge is recommended.


full day: $125

  • Introduction to The SoulMat tool – start with a SoulMat session to check in with your spine
  • Alignment of The SoulMat with the breath
  • Focus on diaphragm and movement of rib cage with inhalation/exhalation
  • Progressive breathing as the body’s parasympathetic nervous system responds
  • Sequencing of The SoulMat method
  • The sensory experience component
  •  The art of listening to oneself
  • Masaru Emoto and his research on water bodies and fluids
  • Cortisol levels and sympathetic nervous system response
  • Shifting from sympathetic to parasympathetic response

Private Classes

1 hour: regular $100 – discounted to $60 for tour, SoulMat Instructor of your choice

One hour of instruction tailored to your specific needs. This is a chance to focus on particular areas of interest or concern.