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About The SoMat


Aligned, Relaxed, and Open

Have you ever been to a massage therapist, chiropractor, or other body worker and walked away feeling more aligned, relaxed, and open? It would be wonderful to have this type of work done every day, but for most of us it is not practical or cost effective. This is where the idea of The Somat came from: A self-care tool to get in touch with your own body – in particular the spine and the rhythm of the breath. It is a sensory experience that strays from the physical realm to the psychological and emotional.

The Somat triggers proprioceptive stimulation of the spine that promotes spinal alignment and muscle stretching. It gives a sense of openness that starts at the thoracic region of the back, and then expands and engages the entire body and the mind.


The Zone

The typical person can go to a yoga class or meditation class and achieve a state of serenity at some point by the end of the class. The interesting thing with a class on The Somat is that this happens very near the beginning of the class – literally in a matter of minutes. The rest of the class is spent working in that “zone” rather than just trying to get there.

The Somat

The Somat System

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  • Hardware: The Somat. A tool that connects spinal alignment with the rhythm of the breath.
  • Software: The Method. A set of principles and movements for integrating our body with our thoughts and emotions to experience ourselves in our totality. We do this by experiencing a series of movements that focuses our awareness of the present moment and the sensory experiences we access while in the postures.


The 5 Principles of the Method

  • Conscious Breathing
  • Grounded in the Heart
  • Transformative Mindfulness
  • Non-violence towards oneself
  • The Art of Choice